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Himalaya Mobility Plus Joint & Hip Supplement Tablets for Dogs & Cats

Himalaya Mobility Plus Joint & Hip Supplement Tablets for Dogs & Cats

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Dogs undergo their fastest period of physical growth and development during the early stage of life, between 4-8 months. Growth plates remains open and later close at around 8-10 months depending on the breed of the dog. For supporting and maintaining flexibility, where exercise as affected cartilage in the joints and synovial fluid, all dogs need nutritional support for the joint, particularly large and giant dogs, as their muscles will be filling out and exerting pressure on the skeleton. Geriatric/Senior Dogs and Cats are often affected by arthritis due to deterioration in cartilage which causes pain and inflammation in the joints. Mobility Plus helps in keeping the joints lubricated and helps the body to manufacture the necessary building blocks of collagen and proteoglycans. It helps to nourish the cartilage and the synovial fluid which helps with normal joint functions which is vital to avoid joint issues later in life. Ingredient: Shunthi, Lasuna, Avocado and Soya bean, Ananas, Guggulu(Purified), Triphala, Draksha.


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