Adopting a cat? Here’s what you need to know!

Adopting a cat? Here’s what you need to know!

A pet parent is always learning! You constantly grow and discover new ways to make your companion animals happy and ensure that they get a quality life. If you are thinking of bringing a cat home then we are here to help you navigate that journey!

Adopting a pet means a responsibility that you have to take for the rest of their lives, please ensure that it is a well thought out decision. Once you have decided that you want to adopt, be prepared to go through a screening process. It’s important to answer all the questions asked during this session because it enables the rescuer/shelter to understand your needs and find you a pet that would be the right fit for your house and lifestyle. Once the screening process is done, the rescuer or people from the shelter might visit your house & meet your family members to ensure that you are paired with the most appropriate candidate for yourself. After the completion of step one and two, you would be asked to do some documentation work and formally adopt the cat and that’s it! You would then be bringing home your new feline friend.

While there are a lot of things that a pet parent has to do after the pet arrives, one must be prepared that true preparation begins even before you bring your pet home! Not only this, one must ensure that the care they provide their cat with is age appropriate and that their needs are met in accordance to that. One must cat-proof their balconies, windows and outings with a net and ensure that any toxic chemicals, plants and other things are kept out of their reach and showpieces are kept away.

Cats are sensitive beings and often select a favourite place/corner in the house. This is where they spend most of their time. This area acts as a safe space for them where they feel protected, nurtured and fulfilled. Ensure that the area that they select for this purpose is safe for them. Try placing their food, water & litter box along with cat toys near their safe space.

Give you cat space to warm up to the new place and avoid direct confrontation. Learn how to socialise and interact with your cat before you directly jump into it. You can also use a cat bedding house to make your cat feel comfortable.

In order to give your cat a quality life, you must ensure that they get the best quality cat food, you can also select from our range of premium cat food online. There needs to be enough mental and physical stimulation for your cat that stimulates their curiosity. Also take care of your cat’s grooming, use cat grooming wipes that are safe for them and get their nails cut at regular intervals to ensure that they are well groomed and happy.

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