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If you are a cat parent then you probably have the tendency to treat your dearest feline friend like a baby. You would often find yourself talking to your fur baby in complete sentences which they definitely can’t understand and doing thing to make sure that they have every possible comfort just like you. Your cat is a part of your family and there is no better way of showing affection than spooling your dearie with everything that would bring him/her comfort. So when the question of getting your cat their own bed arises the answer is pretty simple and obvious, yes! Cats are territorial by nature, so giving them their own space in the house in the form of a cat house or best cat tunnel toys is definitely a good idea. Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, almost two-thirds of your feline companion’s life is spent sleeping. Now when we already have this piece of information we can understand more the importance of a cat bed.


Forming a Routine


When you enable your cat to sleep on their bed or in their cat house, you are encouraging them to follow set patterns. Once the cat starts sleeping at the same place, he/she will form a routine and stick to sleeping at the same place. Finding an excellent best quality cat food for your cats is of utmost importance considering they would be spending more than half of their lives sleeping.


How to introduce your cat to the bed?


Getting your cat to sleep on a bed specifically for her is not as hard as it may seem provided you follow the below mentioned tips.


1.Choose the right bed


Cats usually enjoy sleeping at higher elevations, and so, if the cat bedding or the cat bed house is located at a lower spot he/she is likely to reject it. In order to avoid rejection it is strongly suggested to get a cat bed that’s either already elevated or place it at an elevated spot. In case you choose the latter ensure that the high plane is stable ensuring the cat’s safety.


2. Make sure it smells right


Cats tend to reject beds that smell “funny” to them which basically means that if the bed has been touched too much, e.g. a bed kept at a pet store which is handled by too many people, the cat is likely to reject it.


3. Bad Placement


Cats usually like one area of the house more than the others and so, you would always find them hanging around that area relatively more. It’s best to use your cat’s preferred spot and place the bed there. Another tip is too place the bed in a place where there are slight sun rays falling on it, cats love to nap in the sun!


4. Introduce the cat to the bed


Use positive association and introduce the bed to the cat. This can be done by keeping your cat’s favourite toys and treats around the bed so that he/she starts feeling comfortable around the cat bed or cat bedding house.