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It's whisker licking good!


Feline nutrition can be complex and is very difficult to understand. A balanced meal for a cat is way different than what it is for us, humans. As pet parents we want to give our companion animals the best that we can - the best toys, the best cat health supplements, the best cat accessories and so on! In our quest to give our cats the best, we should start with the basics first i.e, cat food. Commercial foods for cats come in two types - dry cat food and wet cat food, these foods are scientifically engineered to provide your companion animal with the best possible nutrition.


We at Tails Nation understand the needs of the pet as well as their human. We truly believe that animals are a part of the family and so, we only on-board the best pet products in the industry. Our curated list of cat products consists of cat accessories, cat perfumes, cat shampoos, kitten food, etc among other amazing things. It is our true honour to serve our furry friends!


We have a plethora of wet cat food options and dry cat food options, and even options for kitten food. We house brands like Gnawlers, Whiskas, Sheba, Applaws, etc. We also house some international cat food brands. We understand that your companion animal deserves the best and so, we ensure that only high quality, nutrition rich food reaches them. Each cat food option available with us is a good choice for your cat and is from a well-known brand in the industry. At Tails Nation, our team of experts spend hours on research in order to bring nothing but the best for your pets.