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A balanced diet for a happier dog 


Our best and most loyal friends always come with four legs, a wet nose and an ever wagging tail! Every pet parent knows and understands the importance of feeding their companion animal a species appropriate, nutritionally balanced diet. At Tails Nation, we pride ourselves in providing pet parents with some of the most nutrition dense and protein rich dry dog food.


We offer a variety of puppy foods, vegan & vegetarian dog food options, etc. We also offer a range of premium dog food brands such as Dibaq dog food, Royal canin dog food, Pedigree dry dog food among others.


Apart from the Indian dog food brands, we also offer a range of imported dog food brands that are well-known across the globe such as Acana dry dog food, Orijen, Farmina N&D etc. We truly believe that our animals deserve the best and we leave no stone unturned to bring that to them.