Are you looking to get a dog?

Are you looking to get a dog?

Did you know that there are over 62 million animals in shelters in India looking for a home? Yes, 62 million babies that can thrive and live a happy life if they’re given a chance to be a part of a family.

Why not shop?

The obsession with “foreign breeds” as “pets” have taken over so much in our country, that illegal breeding has become a 1000 crore industry. This irregulated sector has given birth to animal abuse, cruelty, unethical ways of breeding and so much more. Not just that, breeding is a science of which these breeders know nothing about. Commercial breeding has opened the door for multitudes of ethical concerns. These dogs are mated in filthy conditions, mated to their fathers, brothers, sisters, etc bringing in hundreds of sickly diseased puppies who are then sold at a really young age to save costs for the breeder even if it means a weak immune system for the dog they’re selling. These reasons are enough for people to decide against the evils of buying a dog from a breeder. According to government statistics 95% of dog bites in the country are from owned pedigreed dogs food. Animal shelters are full of dogs that have been abandoned because of health issues, temperamental issues or are breeder discards (deformed puppies because of unethical breeding or female dogs that no longer serve the breeder by producing more puppies.) Now that we know why shopping for a dog isn’t a good idea, let's understand why adopting one is!

Why adopt?

People who are looking for an animal companion can easily adopt dogs from shelters or from their neighbourhoods, look around! You will find a dog that is in need of a home. Under the described circumstances, finding a breeder who is ethical is like finding a unicorn and so, people should be wary of buying pedigree dogs from pet shops and vets alike. There are many Indian dogs or desi dogs as we like to call them looking for homes. When people adopt these beautiful souls they give them a chance at a good life and save them from years of torture on the roads. People can also approach adoption centres, foster care homes, NGO’s and so on to find a dog that is fit for them and their living situation. Indian dogs are better suited for this climate, they are intelligent, resilient and extremely loving. Opening your homes to a desi dog is one of the best decisions a person can make. Adopting a dog is a lifelong responsibility
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