Everyday grooming tips for dogs

Everyday grooming tips for dogs

All pet parents know and understand the importance of regular grooming in dogs but are often confused as to how many steps should be involved in your pet’s basic grooming routine. Grooming keeps our dogs clean and healthy. When done with a lot of positive associations and positive reinforcement, the grooming time that you spend with your companion animal can also be a great way for you to bond with them. Here are some top grooming tips that pet parents must keep in mind and practice regularly:

Oral Hygiene

It’s very important to keep your dog’s teeth plaque and tartar free in order to avoid health issues and dental issues. Every pet parent must add dental hygiene to their pet’s everyday care routine. The best way to clean your furry’s teeth is to use dog friendly toothpastes along with dog toothbrushes, this needs to be done everyday unless it has been suggested otherwise by their physicians. You can also add dental treats, dehydrated chews and top toys to aid in keeping your puppy’s teeth healthy.


Every dog is different, their coat varies according to their breed and bloodline. You need to consult a. Professional and find brushes that are perfect for your dog and his/her coat. Apart from this, it’s also very important to make sure that you are brushing your dog’s coat everyday. Brushing your dog’s coat everyday helps with making their coat better, aids in spotting ticks, cuts or bruises which makes it possible for pet parents to treat them timely.

Paw and body check

Our dogs love their walks and we love taking them. It's important to check your floof’s paws and body after every walk to ensure that pesky little ticks aren’t hiding there. Regular checks help keep ticks at bay.


Always, always, always use shampoos and other grooming products that are specifically made for dogs on them. Our companion animals have a different pH level than ours and using human shampoo or conditioners can actually harm their skin’s health.


Bathing your dog can be a difficult experience, this is especially true for dog parents whose floof’s don’t really like water. Pet parents should alway remember to start the bath gradually and move downwards from the neck. As a rule of thumb, one should always avoid pouring water directly on their face and ears as it can cause infection. Another important thing to keep in mind before pouring the water on your dog is to test it first, the water should always be lukewarm and not too hot or too cold.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning should be a regular part of your pet’s grooming routine. Pet parents can easily do this with the help of ear wipes and solutions that come particularly for this. Kindly remember to be extremely gentle while you’re doing this and not put anything very deep into their ear canal. Ear cleaning only involves gently cleaning the outside area of your dog’s ear.

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