Everything You Need To Know About Doggy Bandanas

Everything You Need To Know About Doggy Bandanas

Dog bandanas have been one of the fastest growing “dog fashion” trends across the globe! They’re cute and come in various pretty designs and colours. While some are great for everyday styling, others are perfect for festivities and special occasions such as Diwali, birthdays or when you have people over.

A perfect gift for your friends and family who have a dog, these eye-catching beauties are often used to describe their personality or come with funny and quirky one-liners. All dogs look good, but every pet parent knows that our puppers are just better! In order to keep your house’s most spoilt child at the top of their fashion games, bandanas are great.

Why Bandanas?

Unlike most of the other dog accessories, bandanas are lightweight, easy to wear and use, easy to clean and don’t restrict your dog’s movement. While most dog clothing online may look really nice on your companion animal, it can’t be left on for long periods of time and especially when they’re exercising. Moreover, clothes can sometimes be extremely restrictive. Bandanas on the other hand don’t act as a hindrance to any of their body parts and can be worn even when your dog is walking, playing, running or hiking!

How to Put a Bandana On?

The most important part of a bandana has to be the size, it should be loose enough for two of your fingers to pass through, ensuring that it’s not too tight for the dog. Choose the perfect design and colour for your dog, something which goes well with the occasion and the activity that your pupper is going to do.

How to Select a Bandana?

Just like dog collars, bandanas need to be comfortable for your dog. They can’t be too tight. They need to be safe for your dog. Picking a high-quality bandana that stretches and is soft to the touch is definitely a better choice. You must ensure that the bandana is lightweight.

It should fit perfectly
Is easy to put on
Easy to clean
Quick Drying

A Tip: Never leave your dog unsupervised with bandanas or any other accessories on.

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