Most Popular Dog Toys in India

Most Popular Dog Toys in India

Just like us dogs too get bored very easily, in order to have a happy, healthy and emotionally well-rounded companion animal one must make sure that their companion animals receive both physical as well as mental stimulation. A dog that is busy with activities and receives enough enrichment is more likely to not have negative behaviors that are associated with idleness.

Unlike the humans before, pet parents now understand their fur child’s needs much more and are more aware about the kind of stimuli that is required to keep a dog happy. Pet parents understand the importance of satisfying their natural instincts in a controlled, supervised and safe manner. In this article we will discuss some of the most popular dog toys in India.

Outward Hound Puzzles

Easily one of the most popular toys, the Outward Hound puzzles are a great way to help satisfy your dog’s innate problem solving needs. These amazing puzzles come in various different shapes and sizes with different difficulty levels. Dogs love using their nose and solving these puzzles to get their treat. It is a great way to prevent boredom and help your companion animal use their brain.


The classic Kong is a dog toy that is popular and rightly so. Kongs are a great way to serve your companion animals their meals and snacks. This durable toy comes in various sizes and different rubbers which can handle even the toughest of chewers. It is a great way to help your dog with their daily enrichment. The best part? The internet is full of ways and recipe ideas that you can use to make this even more interesting for your companion animal. You can add dog treats, dog biscuits and so much more to it.


Nylabone chew toys are easily one of the best chew toys available in the Indian market. These are great for tough chewers and come in various shapes and sizes. Made from a chew-safe material, these toys are flavored to encourage chewing. Nylabone is loved across the world thanks to its ability to keep plaque and tartar in check.

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