Nutritious Food for Love Birds to Keep them Healthy

Nutritious Food for Love Birds to Keep them Healthy

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When I needed a hand, I found a wing” - Unknown

If you are a pet parent to a feathered friend, then you know that the love and bond you share with your bird knows no bounds! They are a part of the family and also the most favourite one. As pet parents we only want to give our pets the best. We want our lovebirds to be strong and healthy and feed them food that lengthens their lifespan. While we often hear from people that feeding these beautiful birds seeds and millets will be just alright, that's far from the truth. There is a HUGE difference between what birds can eat and what they should eat. Birds need a lot more than a mix of millets and seeds to thrive, they need a proper diet that is made from a mixture of different foods. The best food options for lovebirds has to be properly formulated food that is vet recommended and is specially made for them.

Lovebirds in the Wild

In the wild, lovebirds have different food sources and it is important to understand that in order to gain insight and find the best bird food, bird seed and more for your lovebirds. In the wild, food sources can include berries, leaf buds, vegetation, seed pods, seeds, nuts and other small edibles as they become available from one season to the next.
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Best Foods for Lovebirds

Like all parrots, lovebirds too enjoy chewing which means they will readily chew on materials and food that are both safe as well as unsafe for them, including houseplants, electrical cords, crown molding, couch cushions, etc. In order to be prepared from the get-go and avoid this from happening, best parrot food options and best foods and treats for lovebirds are available online at Tails Nation. You can now find the perfect food option for your feathered friend such as zupreem that comes in a variety of natural flavours.
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