The best toys for your Cat!

The best toys for your Cat!

Playtime is extremely important for your feline friend, it not only entertains them but it also stimulates them and helps you bond with them. Inactivity can lead to a lot of mental and physical health problems in a cat, adding playtime to your feline friend’s routine can become a fun way to exercise for them and help with their overall development.

Although naturally playful, cats can be very picky about the toys they wish to play with! Sometimes even their once favourite becomes a toy they stop paying any heed to! And so, it’s important to pick the right toy for your cat. Something that will get them excited, something that would hold their interest and something that would benefit them in multiple ways. Cats view their toys as their prey and so, anything that has some natural movement will interest your cat. Keeping that in mind, pick toyas that bring out their natural instincts and offer the most interaction. Here are our top picks for cat toys that will make your feline friend jump with joy -

Puzzle Toys

Food dispensing toys or puzzle toys are amazing tools to provide your cat mental stimulation. These toys help relieve your cat of boredom, stress, aggression and anxiety. Puzzles and interactive toys keep your cat entertained and engrossed for hours. When it comes to interactive toys some factors a cat parent must take into consideration are - safety, quality, durability, age appropriateness, functional and something that would match your cat’s energy.

Catnip Toys

Catnip is a non-toxic shrub that produces nepetalactone in cats which further puts them in a state of euphoria and calmness. Toys with catnip added to them are extremely pleasurable for cats and you would find them sniffing the toy, nudging it or even rubbing against it to show their happiness. These toys are not only entertaining but also help relieve your feline from stress, anxiety and depression.

Wand Toys

Wand toys for cats help bring out their natural instincts. It works on the principle of stalking, hunting and capturing - all natural predatory instincts of your cat. The part of the toy that is dangling is viewed as a prey by your cat and capturing it with their paws. Wand toys are a fun way to exhaust your cat and help them nurture their natural instinct.

Chaser Toys

Cat toys with motion-sound activated sensors help satisfy your kitty’s natural urge to hunt. These toys truly take your cat’s playtime to the next level by providing them a realistic hunting experience. While chaser toys are fun it is always strongly advised to supervise your cat’s playtime and rotate your cat’s toys every week to avoid them getting bored of it.

Scratching Mats

Did you know? Scratching is an instinctual behaviour of cats which helps them mark their territory, express their emotions and remove dead nails. Cat scratching mats are one of the best cat toys as they enable your cat to satisfy their natural instinct to scratch in a safe manner. These scratch mats and towers come in various shapes and sizes and so, it is always strongly advised to buy an age and size appropriate one.

There are plenty of other toys that your cat might love such as cat tunnels, cat LED toys, cat crinkle toys, cat dental toys, etc. You can explore some of the best cat toys available in India here.

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