Winter care for cats

Winter care for cats

Cats that have a long coat typically keep warm in winters but short-haired or hairless breeds of cat require extra effort to keep them warm. Regardless of the coat, every pet parent must take extra special care of their cats during winters to avoid them going out of the house and getting cold.

It’s important to ensure that your cat stays indoors as the temperature begins to drop. Not only this, the risk of catching diseases, parasites, etc are more during winters and being extra precautious must be a priority of every cat parent. In this article we will discuss some ways to keep your feline friend warm during winters.


It’s a win for you as it calls for the pet parent to give their cats extra loving cuddles. The easiest and the quickest way to keep your cat warm would be to cuddle with them.

Create a cozy spot

Most cats have spots in the house that they often like to visit, ensure that those spots are warm and comfy. In addition to that you can also invest in some comfortable cat hut or a cat house with bedding. You can also leave out a soft blanket for them so that they can snuggle up whenever they wish to.


As the weather changes, it’s important for you to change the diet of your pet too and add superfoods that will help them with the weather change. A nutritious diet with ample amounts of water should keep them and their coat healthy. Your cat’s diet must be reviewed during winters ro adapt to the physiological needs. White meats, fish and fresh meat are important, with some of the essential nutrients needed include fatty arachidonic acid, amino acid taurine and vitamin A.

Cat Grooming

Try using dry shampoo and wipes to clean your cat during winters. Cat grooming wipes that are safe are easily available and help you keep your cats clean when it’s too cold to give them a bath (although regular grooming is still required).

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