Winter care for doggos

Winter care for doggos

The weather is about to get increasingly cold and the change in the weather demands a change in your pet’s pet care routine. In order for our pets to be safe, healthy and happy we need to take care of their physical, mental and nutritional needs. Here are some of our top tips to help you out with your pooch’s winter care:


Our pooches burn more calories in winters in order to keep themselves form and so, it is advised to feed them an appropriate type of meat for the winters. An ideal option would be dog food that contains red meat. A great option for winter appropriate food can be Acana’s grass-fed lamb or Acana’s Wild Coast. Apart from this your pupper would also require fish inclusions in his/her diet. Adding omega fatty acids during winters help improve the health of your pet’s coat and skin, another amazing natural supplement for your pet can be turmeric.

In order to give your dog the best in terms of nutrition and health, one must ensure that their pet is well-hydrated. The harsh weather discourages our pet from drinking enough water and so, it’s important to incorporate water into their diets by feeding them wet dog food, soups and broths!

Honey, a superfood that you didn’t know your pet needed! It contains oxidants that help your pet with sore throats and coughs, it also helps build immunity and aids in dealing with digestive issues. We strongly suggest everyone to consult a certified canine nutritionist before altering their pup’s diet in order to give them the best.

Coat and skin

Winter means dry skin, having dryness makes your pet’s skin itchy which can also lead to breaking the skin if done excessively. Every pet parent must be extra careful of their pet’s skin and hair care routine during winters, an easy way to do it is to always massage your pet with warm coconut oil. These massages hydrate your pet’s skin and coat.

Don’t ditch the conditioner! A lot of times we tend to skip using conditioner while giving our doggos a bath, winters are a time when we need to be more careful. A hydrating conditioner will help protect your dog’s coat.

Cracked paw pads and dry noses are a common phenomenon for dogs during this weather since the harsh cold tends to dry them out. It’s important to take care of those too, you can choose a nice paw moisturiser to keep your puppy’s paw pads healthy.

Clothing do’s and don’ts

If you’re planning on making your pets wear pet accessories and pet clothing, please make sure that you invest in high quality pet products from trusted dog stores online. Ensure that the clothes are washed frequently with a chemical-free detergent. One also must make sure to not leave the dog clothes on for too long, it’s important to take them off every couple of hours and let their skin breathe.

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