Winter care 101

Winter care 101

As the season changes, your pet care routine also needs a change. With the temperature dropping and the weather getting increasingly cold your pet needs an update in the care department in order to stay safe, happy & healthy. Here are some tips to keep in mind while curating you pet care routine checklist:

A comfy & warm spot

The best part about winters is the cuddles you get from your pets, while our dogs may enjoy the occasional snuggles with us, it’s important that we keep their boundaries and personal space in mind. But how do we assure this? In order to make your companion animal have their personal space you must ensure that the spot they frequently visit is warm. You can easily make their spot more comfortable by making a couple of tweaks and adding a blanket, a soft dog bed, and a pillow for that extra comfort.

You can also invest in dog mats that can be moved around the house with ease and be easily spread out anywhere, this is a great option for pet parents whose dogs prefer following them around the house.


Just like us, our companion animals feel cold too. Adding a lightweight jacket is a great option to help them keep warm! It is always advised to regularly take the jacket/sweater off your dog every few hours and have it regularly cleaned. Especially take off the jacket when you feel your dog is looking uncomfortable or restless in this. Dog clothes aren’t just cute but also extremely functional and useful in winters.


The change of weather also requires a change in the diet! Adding superfoods such as honey, fish inclusions & specific types of meats to your dog’s food can help with their overall health and immunity. Adding fish oils is also an ideal option as they contain omega fatty acids that keep your furry’s skin and coat healthy. You can also add turmeric to their food which is also a superfood for them.


Hydration is the key to good health! As the temperature lowers and it starts to get colder most dogs reduce their water intake. It is very important to keep a track of how much water your dog is drinking and to encourage them to have more of it. One of the easiest ways to increase the water consumption for your dogs is to add water to their food.

Paw & Snout Care

An often overlooked aspect of a dog’s care routine, every pet parent must ensure that their doggo doesn’t have cracked paws and nose. You can use paw balms, snout balms & more in order to avoid these and make winters more comfortable and happy for your dogs.

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