Your guide to monsoon pet care this rainy season

Your guide to monsoon pet care this rainy season

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After the hot and sweltering summers, the light drizzles feel heaven sent. The pouring rain brings down the temperature and everything seems blissful. This feels like the perfect time to take your fur buddy out for long walks and let them enjoy all the new smells and sniff till they’re satisfied, right? While the weather may be fun, there are certain changes that pet parents should make in their pet’s daily routine in order to keep their pets healthy. As seasons change, we alter our lifestyles to suit the weather similarly our pet’s also require certain types of changes in their everyday care routine. Here are some changes that you can make in your pet’s daily routine to make the monsoon easier for them -

1) Keep it light

A light and nutritious diet is suggested during monsoon since tummy upsets are something that are common in pets during the rainy season. A canine nutritionist can be your best friend for these few months! Getting a diet chart designed specifically for your dog according to their height, weight, breed, etc is a great option. Ticks and fleas notoriously attack more during this season, and having a good diet can help your furry friend cope better.

2) Keep them hydrated!

Although this is something that you need to be careful about throughout the year, monsoon and winters are times you might need to pay some extra attention to it. The cold might make your pet not want to drink water. Keep a close check and always encourage them to drink water.

3) Plan their walks

The rains are likely to affect your pet’s walking schedule. Since late evenings and nights are usually the time when it starts to pour, plan your walks before those hours. And on days when you really can’t take them out, you can keep them occupied with the help of enrichment activities. You can use pee pads in case of heavy rains so that your pet doesn’t have to hold it in for too long.

4) Invest in a raincoat

You can buy a good quality raincoat that can enable your dog to go ahead with their walks in case of light drizzles without getting themselves wet. You can also purchase dog shoes that help keep their paws dry and clean. Dog shoes also help prevent ticks from entering your pooch’s body through their paws.

5) Take precautions!

Pesky ticks and fleas become even more common during monsoon. Use sprays, shampoos and other grooming products to keep these notorious parasites at bay. Also avoid walking your dogs on grass and ALWAYS do a tick check upon returning from the walk. Find all your monsoon pet care essentials here.
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