About Us

Our Story

It all started in 2020 when the pandemic hit hard and our founders struggled to find essential pet supplies for their fur kids. On their quest to find the right products for their pets, they realised a huge gap in the market for these products. Avid animal lovers, our founders Atishay & Pallavi decided to help out pet parents in need by making quality pet products available on Amazon and to cater to the needs of these beautiful beings.

As time went by, their love for animals led them to create Tails Nation into the brand that it is today. With love as their core value, our founders aim to make this world a kinder and more accepting place for our furry friends. Our ever growing love for animals made us curate a collection of pet products like no other and make Tails Nation into a one-stop solution for all pet-related needs.

Every pet parent thinks that their pets are the best and none of them are wrong! We truly believe that every animal deserves the best and so, we house the best pet products from across the globe and enable pet parents to splurge on their favourite family members!

Tails Nation Family

Introducing to you theTails Nation Family. The backbone of our company, here is a group of animal lovers that put their blood and sweat into making sure that we create a community of like-minded people who work towards the betterment of our furries. We aim to empower pet parents by introducing some of the best pet products from across the globe to them.

Our team members work hard to make every user experience a special one and to bring Pallavi & Atishay’s vision into life. With the goal of making this world a kinder place for our furry friends, we work in sync towards bringing in the best for you. At Tails Nation we continuously work towards improving ourselves and bringing nothing but the best for our beloved animals.