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About Us

We Hope To Help You Achieve Your Calm!

In our most fragile moments, we need our healthcare system to be at its most accessible and welcoming. Individuals shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find the right therapist who can help. 


Acknowledging this requirement, Trijog established a Psychological and Mental Health Setup, designed to provide psychosocial counseling and therapy both virtually & face-to-face.  A school project that was turned into this setup in the year 2014 is now one of the top 3 organizations for mental health in the country. 


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Our Story

Last year in the pandemic, we all witnessed so many pets? ??being in helpless state at their homes without their essentials and supplies. Just like a human child ??, who craves for the fun and activities outdoor the little pets were stuck at home too. Initially, we started selling off essential pet supplies on Amazon to cater to the needs of these pet friends, so that they never feel short of their food and essentials…we started with few brands in July 2020 and our love for pets have been growing since then. Today we are trying to become a community for all the pets in India. A one stop solution pet supplies store where every pet parent can confidently buy anything for their pet child whether it is paws, squeak or fins.


Tails nation truly wants to be your best friend store, which can offer youamazing deals on amazing pet brands.


We are family of tails…we are tails nation

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