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Drymate Stripe Bath & Grooming Mat for Dogs 16" x 28"

Drymate Stripe Bath & Grooming Mat for Dogs 16" x 28"

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Bath Time Isn’T Always A Party…For Pets Or Pet Owners! The Drymate Dog Bath Mat Can Ease Some Of The Stress. The Non-Slip Backing Keeps The Mat In Place, Providing Firm Footing For Your Dog. The Soft Surface Of The Mat Provides Just Enough Cushion To Be Comfy And Gives Pets Something To Grip And Feel Safe. The Drymate Dog Bath Mat Is Puncture Resistant Too So Surfaces Are Protected From Scratches. This Mat Works Great In Or Out Of The Tub. Buy A Matching Set! Use One For Bathing And The Other For Drying Off After Bath Time Or For Grooming. Provides Safe, Firm Footing For Your Pet During Bath Time. Non-Slip Backing Keeps Mat In Place And Your Pet From Slipping. Cushions Hard Surfaces For A More Comfy Bathing Experience. Protects Surfaces From Scratches. Works Great In Bathtubs, Large Sinks Or Laundry Tubs. Can Be Used In Or Out Of The Tub. 

  • Provides safe, firm footing for your pet during bath time
  • Non-slip backing keeps mat in place and your pet from slipping
  • Cushions hard surfaces for a more comfy bathing experience
  • Protects surfaces from scratches
  • Works great in bathtubs, large sinks, laundry tubs, or out of the tub

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