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Geib Buttercut Entrée 30-Tooth Thinner Shear 6.5 inch For Pets

Geib Buttercut Entrée 30-Tooth Thinner Shear 6.5 inch For Pets

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Developed by groomers for groomers, Geib Entree 30 Tooth Thinners are a popular choice. Shears made by Geib provide unmatched balance, weight, and feel. These specific shears are excellent for blending and shaping. manufactured from a 57 Rockwell hardness-rated high-quality stainless-steel alloy. This alloy enables the blade to be sharpened to a razor's edge and keeps the edge for months. For the convenience of use, they are perfectly balanced and weighted. A double-screw tension creates a smooth cut, and the handles and finger rests are also curved for added comfort. These qualities all help scissors require less effort, which boosts output and lessens hand strain. Geib produces shears of the highest calibre using only the most cutting-edge materials, techniques, and technologies. Their artisans mix cutting-edge materials and technology with their fine motor skills, attentiveness, and pride to produce a product of remarkable quality. Our excellent shears, which are both beautiful to look at and comfortable to use, are the end product. Each pair is meticulously polished, with the edges being meticulously trued and honed to ensure years of dependable service.

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