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Geib Buttercut Gator 40-Tooth Blender Shear Size 6.5 For Pets

Geib Buttercut Gator 40-Tooth Blender Shear Size 6.5 For Pets

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The alloy makes it possible to sharpen the blade to a razor's edge. Blades maintain their edge for months. Shears are carefully balanced and weighted. For maximum comfort, handles and finger rests are curved. comfort. Smooth scissoring is produced by double-screw tension. These
characteristics come together to create a shear that significantly lowers the amount of work required for scissors. In turn, there is an increase in decreased hand fatigue and increased productivity. built with stainless steel and is 6-1/2 inches long. Using blender shears is order to blend, sculpt, and shape. Regarding this item 40-tooth mixing pet grooming shears from Gator This alloy enables the blade to be sharpened to an extremely fine point. Shears have been carefully balanced and weighted, and the handles and finger rests have been shaped for maximum comfort. stainless steel is used to make the length 6-1/2 inches.

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