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Smarty Kat Super Scratcher Tower

Smarty Kat Super Scratcher Tower

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Smarty Kat Give your favorite feline a safe outlet to exercise his claws with the SmartyKat Super Scratcher Tower. Scratching is an instinctual behavior that helps cats mark their territory, tone muscles, stretch, reduce stress and promote healthy nail growth. With a texture that closely resembles tree bark and catnip in every layer of corrugated material, this scratching tower is sure to drive your kitty wild with excitement. Once the scratching surface starts to break down, simply flip the double-sided insert over for twice the scratching fun! And, since all the surfaces are scratch-friendly, your cat won’t feel the need to use your furniture. Place the scratching tower on its side or upright as a post and watch your cat scratch to his heart’s content!

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