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Trixie Ball on a Rubber Belt Natural Rubber Toy For Dogs 6/35cm

Trixie Ball on a Rubber Belt Natural Rubber Toy For Dogs 6/35cm

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Trixie Ball On A Strap Dog Toys will keep your dog playing and gnawing for hours. The rubber strap can be held whilst you play with your dog, enriching play time. Besides being easy to keep clean, it can be tugged, tossed and even used as a reward. Whether it’s the never-ending game of tug or learning new tricks and rules of the house, dog toys act as a positive reinforcer. The best dog toys online are those that offer a range of motion to your dog’s body like treats dispensing dog toys, interactive toys, balls, discs, rope toys, and chew toys.

  • The ball is a super strong tug toy consisting of a Ball, connected to a strap/handle.
  • Made with natural rubber, even the aggressive chewers can chew on without any problem.
  • Attached strap provides easy handling when playing a game of tug with your pup.
  • Helps to provide a healthy and fun physical and mental stimulation which in turn helps them from getting bored and reduce any chances of destructive behavior.
  • The ball is light in weight and easy to carry around, now enjoy playing with your furry friend anywhere.

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