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Trixie Dog Dirt Bags Biodegradable Brown 4 Rolls of 10pcs

Trixie Dog Dirt Bags Biodegradable Brown 4 Rolls of 10pcs

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Dog owners are asked to remove dog faeces in public spaces. We offer a large variety of dog dirt bags for this. The bags are available in various sizes, colors and designs. With or without fragrance. The bag rolls are easy to store in our dog dirt bag dispensers which can be attached to the leash. That way a bag is always at hand. The dispensers also come in various shapes, colors and made of various materials .Biodegradable dog dirt bags are made from 100 Percentage corn starch and durable plastic. Bags are easy to use and leak proof. Prevents unwanted messes. Use for all Trixie roll bag dispensers.

  • Poop Bag 
  • Optimal odour absorption
  • for house-training
  • optimal odour absorption
  • can also be used in dog baskets or beds in case of incontinence
  • sealed rim prevents moisture from escaping
  • made of long fibrous, natural cellulose


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