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Trixie Glitter Mouse Fabric Catnip Toy 7cm

Trixie Glitter Mouse Fabric Catnip Toy 7cm

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Toys for cats are not only entertaining for the feline, but also for their human companions. Balls, feather toys, squeaky toys, interactive wands, etc. are just some of the many types of cat toys available. Cats with a strong prey drive prefer chasing, pouncing, and running; these cats enjoy balls, feather toys, cat trees, agility courses, and treasure hunts, all of which can be discovered by giving them free reign over their toy selection. Cats that value concentration over play, on the other hand, respond well to interactive toys, puzzles, scent work, and the like. It's ideal to provide your cat with a combination of physical and mental stimulation by way of both exercise and play.

  • Soft polyester fleece filling gives this cat toy a soft and squishy feel
  • Keep your cat entertained
  • Has rustling foil to keep the toy exciting for your kitty
  • Particularly robust and high quality

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