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Trixie House Training Spray For Puppies 175ml

Trixie House Training Spray For Puppies 175ml

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Training a puppy or a new dog needs time and patience. As your dog learns to respect boundaries and behave properly in social situations, other dogs will be more comfortable around him/her. Till then our range of products will help you out. Our training products not just makes your life easier but gives you a lot of convenience. From puppy pads to chew stop spray we’ve got you covered throughout your canine’s life.

  • to drip/spray-on hygiene pad
  • odor makes it easier for the dog to find the place to relieve himself
  • for effective training
  • Prevents your dog from urinating on any spot where you spray it with a proprietary blend of essential oils.
  • Simply spray directly on any areas you want to keep pee pee free or use a paper towel to wipe on easily.

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