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Trixie Mouse Fabric Catnip Toy For Cats XXL 15cm

Trixie Mouse Fabric Catnip Toy For Cats XXL 15cm

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Cats that enjoy focus over play, enjoy interactive toys, puzzles, scent work and so on. It is always best to give your cat a mix of both types of toys, i.e. one that exercises the body and one that challenges the brain. Most teaser cat toys that are bright and/or emit sounds that mimic sounds of prey, are loved by curious kittens since their ears are very receptive to new sounds, especially high-pitched ones. As is mental and physical exercise, so is relaxation - matatabi and catnip toys are increasingly popular for their benefit to a cat’s emotional well-being.

  • Made of fabric and polyester material
  • Particularly suited for larger cats
  • Soft and safe toy
  • Hours of fun for your cat

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